Protecting Yourself from Allergies with Better Filters

Postma allergy imageSouthwestern Ontario is one the warmest places in Canada and has as much biological activity as many parts of the United States. The extra plant life also means more pollen and warm weather disease. Living indoors in Southwestern Ontario in the warmer months without a proper filtration system is a health hazard not only for those who suffer from allergies but also for those with respiratory issues. 

Dead skin cells and food particles feed dust mites which are very small arachnids that   contribute enormously to allergies. Bacteria also breed under cool and moist conditions, so a closed space can actually be filled with more health dangers than the immediate outdoors. The only real solution is to install a better filter especially if the current one is insufficient or has reached its limit.

Filtration for allergies does depend on the fineness of the filter. Filters have a MERV rating that ranges from 1 to 20. 20 is the highest standard in the industry and the finest fabric is used to trap particles as small as airborne viruses. While a higher MERV rating does a better job in cleaning the inside air, higher pressures are also needed to pass air through the filter and still circulate in the home.

Filters with low ratings are still desirable because a less powerful compression is needed. This saves energy and so cost efficiency is the major trade off when choosing a home air conditioning system. Filters with a MERV rating as low as 4 will efficiently trap pollen and animal dander. Higher filters serve to eliminate smoke particles and bacteria sufficient for industrial processes. Hospitals often use a 16 rated filter for obvious reasons but they also pay higher HVAC operating costs.

Protecting yourself from allergies can be as simple as routinely replacing the filter. Those with a lower rating have a courser mesh and trap fewer particles before reaching saturation. They are also cheaper so frequent replacement is necessary (on average, every 30-90 days is recommended depending on your individual situation). An air conditioning system can be outfitted with a higher rating filter, but there are limits.

Because fine filters require higher pressures, an improper match between filter and furnace will cause air to circulate into the room very weakly or not at all. Air conditioners that automatically work harder to achieve air pressure might consume more electricity and also wear out faster. Outfitting a standard HVAC unit with a 14 filter could possibly damage it.

Using a more powerful filter means installing a specialized unit. However, filtration for allergies seldom requires this with the only exception being people with clinical needs. The bottom line is you need proper filtration of airborne pollutants in order to maintain a healthy home.  Do a bit of research and strike a balance between MERV rating and operating costs as noted above.  Speak to the folks at Postma Heating and Cooling at (519) 354-9491 or visit them online – – and ask them about what filtration method is best for your home.

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Postma soccer imageFrom football to hockey to soccer and many sports in between, there are many organized sports for youth in Chatham-Kent to take advantage of.  Postma Heating and Cooling strongly believes that an active lifestyle developed as a youngster is a way of life that will continue into adulthood.  That’s a big part of the reason why Postma has sponsored Chatham-Kent Minor Sports teams for many years.  Also, allowing a child to experience a team environment while playing on a sports team can teach many lessons and translates well to real life.  In many ways, participating in a team sport can equip a child with important social skills and help him/her to better deal with situations away from the field, says Linda Postma, co-owner of Postma Heating and Cooling.

Specifically, Postma has sponsored teams in Chatham Minor Baseball (, Chatham Youth Soccer ( and is proud to currently sponsor a Tyke team in the Tilbury Storm Soccer league (

Postma Heating and Cooling ( is proud to be involved with Chatham-Kent minor sports and looks forward to sponsoring teams for many years to come.

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Keep Your Cool This Summer!

Postma Heating and CoolingWhen summertime turns up the heat, it’s nice to have the air conditioner on full blast so you can at least be comfortable in your own home. Unfortunately, with electricity rates constantly on the rise, running your A/C can cost you an arm and a leg. It’s hard to feel comfortable when you’re feeling the financial strain. Furthermore, running your unit excessively can cause it to fail more quickly, necessitating repairs from a reputable contractor like Postma Heating and Cooling. To avoid this situation while still maintaining optimal comfort, consider these ways to keep cool in the summer.

Cold Liquids

This may sound  obvious but an ice cold glass of tea or lemonade is just what you need to beat the summer swelter. Regularly drinking something cold will help to cool your body off from the inside out and will help you stay hydrated in the process. Being properly hydrated is a major key to staying cool because if you’re dehydrated, you won’t produce the sweat that acts as your biological air conditioning system.

Thin Bedding

Sleeping in unbearably hot weather isn’t conducive to a refreshing night’s sleep nor a productive next day. Rather than cranking the A/C, however, it’s better to leave it at a reasonable temperature and forgo some of your bedding. Trade those thick, high-thread-count sheets in for some thinner, lighter ones made from 100% cotton. Thin, absorbent materials prevent heat from accumulating around your body while wicking away any perspiration.

Light Meals

Eating rich, spicy and calorie-dense meals can make you feel hotter and more sluggish (even though Uncle Bill’s barbecued spicy chicken is hard to resist!). It’s also important to avoid over-eating as this can make you feel even worse. Instead, it’s recommended that you focus on small meals consisting of light foods such as chicken, seafood, vegetable dishes and fresh fruit or sorbet.

Cool Shower

Many people might scoff at the idea of showering in cold water, but it’s one of the best ways to keep cool in the summer.  Cool, refreshing water, much like swimming, lowers your core body temperature and keeps it that way for hours afterward. This is a great thing to do before retiring for the night.

Contact Postma Heating and Cooling in Chatham at (519) 354-9491 for more energy efficient ideas  and keep your cool this summer!

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Is Customer Service In Crisis?

Postma Heating and CoolingHave cutbacks in staff, a decrease in business hours, increased focus on offering the lowest price and the poor economy created a customer service in crisis? For consumers suffering through these financially tough times, there is no way to avoid the truth. Customer service has definitely taken a big hit in recent years. Unfortunately, too many businesses in many industries are taking shortcuts by offering hasty service and little or no follow-up, leaving customers unhappy and disillusioned.

At Postma Heating and Cooling, customer service begins with the initial customer contact and continues through the entire buying or service cycle. Our professionals take great care in explaining our products and services and we do not consider the job complete until we’ve completed a thorough clean-up and after-service follow-up. Postma employees are efficient and conscientious.

The sharp look of the employee uniforms and vehicles reflect a company’s philosophy of reliability and professionalism. Sloppy appearances can sometimes mean sloppy work or at least portray that to the customer. Rest assured that Postma Heating and Cooling is committed to clean and thorough service from the first phone call until the customer is satisfied. Anything less is unacceptable.

If a contractor cares about maintaining a long-term customer relationship, he will offer thoughtful HVAC customer service that is not rushed and meets the highest industry standards. He will not sacrifice quality for speed and he will be there after the sale or service to answer questions and provide any follow-up service that is necessary. Due to the shortcuts that some businesses take, customer service can appear to be in a state of crisis. Postma Heating and Cooling does not believe there should be any shortcuts when it comes to quality customer service and are quick to respond to customer issues.

HVAC services can be costly and customers should not have to be concerned with contractors who worry more about speed than customer service. They want a company that they can count on today and in the years to come. Postma Heating and Cooling has been proud to call Chatham-Kent its home for over 20 years.  Please call today at (519) 354-9491 for all of your home comfort needs!

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Air Conditioning incentives in Chatham-Kent

Air conditioning Incentives in Chatham-KentPicture in your mind, sweltering summer heat and not being able to escape the grip that the humidity has on you.  We’ve all felt this discomfort at one time or another.  Not only is it a terrible feeling but it puts you in a lousy mood as well!  Picture again if you will, a comfortable house temperature in July but a jaw-dropping expression when you open your hydro bill!  Lastly, picture your home in the middle of summer with low humidity throughout and the relaxed feeling you have as you review the monthly electricity bill, knowing your old, energy guzzling air conditioner has been replaced with a new energy efficient model.  There are air conditioning incentives in Chatham-Kent which can help make the third scenario happen much more easily than you may think.

With average Chatham-Kent summer temperatures hovering in the mid to upper 20’s, you’ll want to investigate your options now.  That summer humidity will be upon us before we know it!  Check out these valuable incentives:

1.       Ontario Power Authority (OPA) Heating and Cooling Incentive

This provincial rebate is offered through participating HVAC contractors like Postma Heating and Cooling in Chatham.  Receive a rebate of $250 when you replace your existing central air conditioner (CAC) with an EnergyStar-rated model.  Receive $400 if your existing CAC is replaced with a model that has a minimum 15 SEER and 12.5 EER.  Additionally, if you switch out your existing furnace at the same time with a high efficient furnace, containing an Electronically Commutated Motor (ECM), you will receive an additional $250 rebate.

2.       Lennox “Spring Into Savings” Promotion

Industry leader Lennox, is offering customers a choice of receiving either a $1200 rebate when they purchase a Lennox qualifying home comfort system OR 36 months financing at 0% interest.  Contact Postma Heating and Cooling in Chatham at (519) 354-9491 for further details!

When you combine the OPA’s Heating and Cooling Incentive with Lennox’s “Spring Into Savings” promotion, the air conditioning incentives in Chatham-Kent are excellent!  Energy savings, high efficiency and peace of mind, knowing you have a new fully warrantied central air conditioner, make facing the nasty heat that summers in Southwestern Ontario are notorious for, a piece of cake!

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Air Conditioning Tune-Up Now!

Air conditioner serviceThe warm spring air is almost upon us (and the hotter summer air isn’t far behind!), so now is the best time to get your air conditioner running as efficiently as possible. Air conditioning repair and maintenance in Chatham is important because it allows for better efficiency from your air conditioning unit and helps to increase its life span. The cost to maintain and repair is much less than the cost to replace so find a licensed contractor for maintenance and you will be ready for the sizzling sun.

The best air conditioning contractor in Chatham will have a high BBB rating and the contractor will be licensed, bonded and insured. These are three of the key things to look for when hiring someone to do this type of work in your home. You will also want to check on the BBB website to certify that the company is legitimate and that they do not have any unresolved customer concerns.  The highest BBB rating is A+. Postma Heating and Cooling is proud to have this rating with the BBB and each member of the service team holds the proper licenses necessary to properly maintain and improve the efficiency and life of your current air conditioning unit.

You should also be certain that the contractor you choose is familiar with the work that is done by the Heating Refrigeration and Air Conditioning Institute of Canada (HRAI). HRAI is a national association of contractors whose members adhere to the highest industry standards.  You can learn more about HRAI on their website at If your air conditioning repair Chatham specialist is not affiliated with HRAI, you may want to look around for another company to do the regular maintenance on your air conditioning.

The best air conditioning contractor in Chatham will come to your home and thoroughly inspect your home cooling system. From there, the professional will detail the work that needs to be done and how long it takes to repair or service the unit. You should receive a written estimate for the cost of the project and you have the right to ask for one if you do not get one from the contractor. Take the time to compare costs (and reputations!) from several HVAC professionals.  A central air conditioning system involves considerable investment and it is always advisable to have a reputable contractor with ties to the community service your cooling equipment.

Postma Heating and Cooling is a company that you can trust to do the work for you. They are licensed contractors with an A+ BBB rating and have been proudly servicing Chatham-Kent for over 20 years. Contact Postma Heating and Cooling today at (519)354-9491 or visit them online at

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What is Lennox Precise Comfort Technology?

Lennox Precise Comfort TechnologyWhen the temperature outdoors drops, the temperature inside our home starts to change and without the right furnace, we may experience discomfort all throughout the day. So, it is best to choose a furnace with Lennox Precise Comfort Technology which can adjust to the varying temperatures inside the home.

About Lennox Precise Comfort Technology

This is an innovative system which enables a furnace to maintain efficiency as it provides comfort. This is done by adjusting the airflow and output of heat by 35% to 100% of its maximum capacity to adapt to the comfort requirements of a home. A single stage furnace has only one speed so there is a constant up and down movement of temperature.

A furnace, which is incorporated with Precise Comfort Technology and controlled by a Lennox thermostat, provides continuous comfort throughout the day. If your home requires a small amount of heat, the furnace will use a small flame and low air speed. If it needs a considerable amount of heat it will use a larger flame and greater air speed. This gives a comfortable feeling as it adjusts to the changing temperatures inside the home.

The precise comfort technology of Lennox is comparable to the cruise control of a car, which makes minor and seamless adjustments in order to meet the needs of its user. Therefore, this enhances its efficiency as a whole.

Other Benefits

Humidity control

Lennox Precise Comfort Technology also works during warm weather. It starts air flow slowly. It draws more moisture from air that comes in before it circulates into the home. Thus, it controls humidity.

Air filtration

It allows you to breath in cleaner air all year round. Not only this, when the thermostat is on fan mode, it allows the furnace to use 2/3 less electricity than a conventional furnace to circulate a constant flow of filtered air all through your home.


Lennox products with precise comfort technology are available from reputable sources such as Postma Heating and Cooling.  You can, also, trust this HVAC contractor in Chatham to provide the services that you need when it comes to overall home comfort!  Call Postma Heating and Cooling today at (519) 354-9491 or visit them online at

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